YS-101 Bong bong ice filling and sealing machine


Suitable for filling & sealing any kind and shape of plastic-resin made soft tube product such as Bong Bong Ice ( Stick Ice), natural or artificial juice and any liquid for drinking or freezing purpose.


1.The machine uses LDPE made soft tube for filling & sealing juice or drink. The consumer could drink directly or eat after freezing as stick ice product.
2.The machine is made of stainless steel #304 and meets the sanitary requirement. Easy to clean.
3.The machine is equipped with Speed & Temperature Control Device. From the tube hanging, excess liquid squeezing, heater sealing to ready-product discharging, all functions are finished within a small limit working area. Only one person is required for machine operation to meet the space & manpower saving and reduce the production close. Mechanical design to meet the space & manpower saving and reduce the production close. Mechanical design type is for easy operation, low breakdown, more durability and less maintenance cost.
4.The machine could be adopted for individual usage or connected with production line for complete automation requirement.
5.To match our 40 m/m Automatic Plastic Blow-Machine to make the soft tube by yourself for perfect working mate and carry out the coherence production from tube blowing, filling to tube sealing in order to reduce the indirect contamination and production cost and for more hygienic security.


Machine Dimension(L x W x H)
2000 x 600 x 1350 mm
Stainless Steel 304
1/2 HP (pump) + 1/4HP motor)
700 W x 2
Filling nozzle
60 pc / min
Air compressor

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