YS-201 Auto filling, aluminum foil forming and sealing machine


This machine is suitable for refrigerating fresh milk or yogurt filled in PE bottle, refrigerating drinking yogurt in PS bottle and high-temperature sterilizing required products for long life purpose under normal condition without refrigerator like soybean milk, rice milk, long-life flavored-milk product, tea product, acid drink or non-acid drink filled in PP bottle.


1. The machine combines filling, aluminum foil forming, aluminum foil sealing, three functions in the same machine and center and fulfill the main filling & sealing steps simultaneously in the same time. It saves more space.
2. All the liquid contact parts are made of stainless steel USU 304 with sanitary polish treatment to meet the food sanitary requirement. CIP spraying ball is also available upon request to be installed inside of the filling tank to connect the circulation washing system.
3. The unique sanitary clamp-type filling head design is for easy take-apart and installation without tool and exertion to facilitating the daily washing work.
4. To change the bottle size, only replace the Bottle Infeed Screw, Guide Plate, Bottle Hooker and Rotating Dish without special tool. Easy to change to bottle size.
5. Inverter on Control Panel could be regulated base on different filling speed required.
6. The heater sealing temperature could be regulated properly according to the bottle material.
7. This machine can match our PE LID PRESSING MACHINE ( without screw) or ALUMINUM CAP CAPPING MACHINE as the second capping consideration for nicer and more secure final product and there fore to upgrade the product value.


Machine Dimension
L x W x H : 2400x1200x2300 m/m
1. Frame: SS41 with stainless steel cover
2.Filling tank & head:Sus#304 with sanitary polish treatment
3HP (Main motor)
1HP (Vacuum pump)
1/2HP (Foil capping device)
1/2HP (Conveyer belt)
Filling head
20 PCs
120 PCs/min (set by the standard size 350 ml/bottle)

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