Suitable for filling & sealing any cup or box for drinking or eating purpose such as cup Yoghurt, mineral water, cup acid juice or beverage, cup jelly, box soft-congealed bean curd etc. The sealing paper suitable for this machines is any type of heat-resistance laminated foil.


1. The frame and machine body are all made of stainless steel #304 and meets the sanitary requirement. Easy to clean.
2. From cup dropping, liquid filling, cup sealing, sealing foil cutting, ready-product discharging to waste-foil recycling, all functions are finished within a small limit working area. After starting the machine, only one person is required for supplementing the cup timely on Cup Stand to meet the space & manpower saving and reduce the production cost. Mechanical design type is for easy operation, low breakdown, more durability and less maintenance cost.
3. The machine could be adopted for individual usage or connected with production line for complete automation requirement.


60 cup/min
80 cup/min
120 cup/min
160 cup/min
Main motor
1 HP
1 HP
1 HP
1 HP
Waste foil recovering motor
1/8 HP
1/8 HP
1/8 HP
1/8 HP
Air pressure
7 Kg/cm2
7 Kg/cm2
7 Kg/cm2
7 Kg/cm2
Machine dimension
3500x800x1600 m/m
3500x900x1600 m/m
3500x1100x1600 m/m
3500x1300x1600 m/m
1. 05 KW
1.4 KW
2.1 KW
2.8 KW

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